Debian worldwide mirror sites

Debian is distributed (mirrored) on hundreds of servers on the Internet. Using a nearby server will probably speed up your download, and also reduce the load on our central servers and on the Internet as a whole.

Debian mirrors can be primary and secondary. The definitions are as follows:

A primary mirror site has good bandwidth, is available 24 hours a day, and has an easy to remember name of the form ftp.<country>
Additionally, most of them are updated automatically after updates to the Debian archive. The Debian archive on those sites is normally available using both FTP and HTTP protocols.
A secondary mirror site may have restrictions on what they mirror (due to space restrictions). Just because a site is secondary doesn't necessarily mean it'll be any slower or less up to date than a primary site.

Use the site closest to you for the fastest downloads possible whether it is a primary or secondary site. The program netselect can be used to determine the site with the least latency; use a download program such as wget or rsync for determining the site with the most throughput. Note that geographic proximity often isn't the most important factor for determining which machine will serve you best.

The authoritative copy of the following list can always be found at:
If you know of any mirrors that are missing from this list, please have the site maintainer fill out the form at:
Everything else you want to know about Debian mirrors:

Primary Debian mirror sites

Country Site Debian archive Debian non-US archive

Austria /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Australia /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Australia /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Bulgaria /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Brazil /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Chile /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Czech Republic /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Germany /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Germany /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Denmark /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Estonia /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Spain /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Finland /debian/ /debian-non-US/
France /debian/ /debian-non-US/
France /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Great Britain /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Hong Kong /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Croatia /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Hungary /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Ireland /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Iceland /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Italy /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Italy /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Japan /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Netherlands /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Norway /debian/ /debian-non-US/
New Zealand /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Poland /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Romania /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Russia /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Sweden /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Slovenia /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Slovakia /debian/ /debian-non-US/
Turkey /debian/ /debian-non-US/
United States /debian/ Not mirrored.

Secondary mirrors of the Debian archive

HOST NAME                              FTP                                    HTTP
---------                              ---                                    ----

AT Austria
----------                      /debian/                               /debian/                        /opsys/linux/debian/                   /opsys/linux/debian/                          /debian/                               /debian/                      /mirror/debian/                        /mirror/debian/                       /systems/linux/debian/debian/          /systems/linux/debian/debian/                        /debian/                               /debian/

AU Australia
------------                   /debian/                               /debian/                      /debian/                               /debian/                   /debian/                               /debian/                      /pub/linux/debian/                     /pub/linux/debian/                         /mirrors/linux/debian/                                                                        /debian/                               /debian/                  /debian/                               /debian/                       /debian/debian/                        /debian/debian/                                                         /debian/                 /linux/debian/                         /linux/debian/                     /debian/                               /debian/                   /debian/                               /debian/

BE Belgium
----------                         /debian/                               /debian/              /debian/                               /debian/                         /debian/                               /ftp/debian/                          /debian/                               /debian/                          /debian/                               /ftp/debian/

BG Bulgaria
-----------                      /debian/                               /debian/                      /debian/                               /debian/

BR Brazil
---------                      /debian/                               /debian/                     /debian/                                                                                                                            /linux/debian/                      /pub/debian/                           /pub/debian/                                                                 /sft/debian/                          /debian/                               /debian/                      /debian/                               /debian/                                                               /debian/                       /debian/                               /debian/

BY Belarus
----------                           /debian/                               /debian/

CA Canada
---------                       /pub/linux/debian/                     /linux/debian/                                                               /debian/                      /debian/debian/                                                                                                                       /debian.mirror/debian/                            /debian/                               /debian/                    /pub/Linux/debian/debian/              /pub/Linux/debian/debian/                        /pub/debian/                                                                    

CH Switzerland
--------------                /mirror/debian/                        /ftp/mirror/debian/                                                       /debian/                          /mirror/Debian/debian/                                                          

CL Chile
--------                      /debian/                               /debian/                 /Debian/debian/                        /debian/                                                             /debian/

CN China
--------                     /debian/                               /ftp/debian/                   /debian/                               /debian/

CR Costa Rica
-------------                  /debian/                               /debian/

CZ Czech Republic
-----------------                      /debian/                               /debian/                      /debian/                               /debian/                             /pub/linux/debian/                     /ftp/pub/linux/debian/

DE Germany
----------                      /debian/                               /debian/                     /debian/                               /debian/                    /pub/linux/debian/                     /pub/linux/debian/                    /debian/                               /debian/                         /pub/            /debian/                    /pub/Linux/debian/                     /pub/Linux/debian/      /pub/Linux/debian/                     /ftp/pub/Linux/debian/              /debian/                               /debian/                        /pub/mirror/debian/                                                                           /pub/unix/linux/mirrors/debian/                                                                /debian/                               /debian/                       /debian/                               /debian/                         /pub/mirrors/debian/                   /mirrors/debian/                      /pub/linux/distributions/debian/debian/                                                            /debian/                               /debian/                         /pub/debian/debian/                    /pub/debian/debian/                    /debian/                               /debian/                     /pub/linux/debian/debian/                                                                 /debian/                               /debian/                          /pub/linux/debian/                     /pub/linux/debian/                                        /debian/debian/

DK Denmark
----------                      /debian/                               /debian/                     /mirrors/debian/                       /debian/                           /pub/debian/                                                                                                                           /debian/                                                               /debian/

EE Estonia
----------                      /debian/                               /debian/

ES Spain
--------                      /debian/                               /debian/                      /debian/                               /debian/                        /debian/                               /debian/                         /debian/                                                                                        /debian/                               /debian/                          /pub/debian/debian/                    /pub/debian/debian/                            /debian/                               /debian/                         /debian/                               /debian/

FI Finland
----------                      /debian/                               /debian/                           /pub/linux/mirrors/debian/             /pub/linux/mirrors/debian/                             /debian/                               /debian/

FR France
---------                      /debian/                               /debian/                     /debian/                               /debian/              /debian/                               /debian/                           /debian/                               /debian/                         /mirrors/                                                                         /debian/                                                                                 /debian/                               /debian/                            /pub/linux/distributions/debian/                                                          /debian/                               /ftp/debian/                      /mirror/debian/                        /mirror/debian/              /debian/                               /                       /debian/                               /debian/               /debian/                               /debian/               /debian/                               /debian/                         /debian/                               /debian/                           /debian/                                                                                                                                 /debian/                          /debian/                                                                                         /debian/                               /debian/                      /debian/                                                                        

GB Great Britain
----------------                      /debian/                               /debian/                       /debian/                               /debian/                        /pub/mirrors/linux/debian/                                                                       /pub/linux/distributions/Debian/                                                              /sites/          /sites/                       /debian/                               /debian/                        /pub/debian/                                                                           /pub/debian/                           /           /debian/                               /debian/                           /debian/                               /debian/                        /debian/                               /debian/

GR Greece
---------                       /pub/linux/debian/                     /debian/                            /pub/linux/debian/                     /pub/linux/debian/                            /debian/                               /debian/                     /pub/linux/debian/                     /ftp/linux/debian/                                                           /debian/

HK Hong Kong
------------                      /debian/                               /debian/                         /pub/debian/                                                                                                             /mirrors/debian/debian/

HR Croatia
----------                      /debian/                               /debian/                             /debian/                               /debian/                          /pub/debian/                           /pub/debian/                        /debian/                               /debian/

HU Hungary
----------                      /debian/                               /debian/                           /debian/                                                                                           /pub/debian/                           /debian/                     /debian/                               /debian/                        /debian/                               /debian/                             /OS/Linux/dist/debian/                 /OS/Linux/dist/debian/

ID Indonesia
------------                         /debian/                               /debian/                          /debian/                               /debian/                                                               /debian/

IE Ireland
----------                      /debian/                               /debian/                           /pub/linux/debian/                     /pub/linux/debian/

IL Israel
---------                                                         /pub/mirrors/debian/

IN India
--------                         /debian/                               /debian/

IS Iceland
----------                      /debian/                               /debian/

IT Italy
--------                      /debian/                               /debian/                     /debian/                               /debian/                         /debian/                               /debian/               /debian/                               /debian/                 /ftp/pub/linux/debian/                 /ftp/pub/linux/debian/                      /pub/Debian_Mirror/                                                                          /debian/                               /debian/                           /pub/linux/distributions/debian/debian//pub/linux/distributions/debian/debian/                          /debian/                               /debian/                     /debian/                               /debian/                      /mirrors/debian/                       /mirrors/debian/                      /debian/                               /debian/

JP Japan
--------                      /debian/                               /debian/                   /pub/linux/debian/debian/              /archives/linux/debian/debian/                          /pub/Linux/debian/                                                                   /library/Linux/debian/                 /library/Linux/debian/          /library/Linux/debian/                 /library/Linux/debian/            /library/Linux/debian/                 /library/Linux/debian/                    /pub/Linux/Debian/debian/                                                              /pub/linux/debian/debian/              /pub/linux/debian/debian/

KR Korea
--------                         /pub/Linux/debian/                     /pub/Linux/debian/                           /pub/debian/                                                                                  /mirror/os/linux/distribution/debian/  /ftp/mirror/os/linux/distribution/debian/                        /pub/mirror/debian/                    /debian/                     /debian/                               /debian/                      /pub/Linux/debian/                     /pub/Linux/debian/                          /mirror/Linux/debian/debian/                                                    

LT Lithuania
------------                    /debian/                               /debian/                        /debian/                               /debian/

LU Luxembourg
-------------                   /debian/                                                                                                                          /debian/

LV Latvia
---------                          /linux/debian/                         /linux/debian/                             /debian/                               /ftp/debian/

MX Mexico
---------              /debian/                               /debian/

NI Nicaragua
------------                                                             /debian/

NL Netherlands
--------------                      /debian/                               /debian/                           /pub/os/Linux/distr/debian/                                                                      /debian/                               /debian/                         /pub/os/Linux/distr/debian/            /os/Linux/distr/debian/                     /pub/mirror/debian/                                                                              /debian/                               /debian/                         /pub/mirrors/debian/                   /debian/                 /debian/                               /debian/

NO Norway
---------                      /debian/                               /debian/                       /debian/                                                                        

NZ New Zealand
--------------                      /debian/                               /debian/                      /debian/                                                                        

PL Poland
---------                      /debian/                               /debian/                   /mirror/debian/                        /debian/                         /pub/Linux/debian/                     /pub/Linux/debian/             /debian/                                                                                   /pub/debian/                                                                                         /pub/Linux/debian/                     /pub/Linux/debian/

PT Portugal
-----------                          /debian/                               /debian/                           /pub/software/Linux/debian/            /software/Linux/debian/                           /debian/                               /debian/                           /debian/                               /debian/                           /pub/mirrors/debian/                   /pub/mirrors/debian/

RO Romania
----------                      /debian/                               /debian/                        /debian/                               /debian/

RU Russia
---------                      /debian/                               /debian/                          /debian/                               /debian/                          /debian/                               /debian/                         /debian/                               /debian/                             /debian/                               /debian/

SE Sweden
---------                      /debian/                               /debian/                           /pub/os/Linux/distributions/debian/    /pub/os/Linux/distributions/debian/                              /debian/                               /debian/                        /pub/linux/debian/                     /pub/linux/debian/                       /debian/                               /debian/                          /debian/                               /debian/

SG Singapore
------------                        /debian/                                                                                     /debian/                               /debian/                      /pub/Debian/                                                                    

SI Slovenia
-----------                      /debian/                               /debian/                           /packages/debian/                                                               

SK Slovakia
-----------                      /debian/                               /debian/

TH Thailand
-----------                       /pub/linux-distributions/Debian/                                                          /pub/debian/                                                                    

TR Turkey
---------                      /debian/                               /debian/                       /pub/mirrors/debian/                                                            

TW Taiwan
---------                         /OS/Linux/distributions/debian/        /OS/Linux/distributions/debian/                 /distributions/debian/debian/                                                           /pub/debian/                           /debian/                    /debian/                               /debian/                /debian/                               /debian/                 /debian/                               /debian/                /debian/                               /debian/                         /pub/Linux/Debian/debian/              /pub/Linux/Debian/debian/

UA Ukraine
----------                     /pub/Debian/debian/                    /debian/                          /debian/                               /debian/

US United States
----------------                      /debian/                               /debian/                         /debian/                               /debian/                   /debian/                               /debian/                /debian/                                                                                       /debian/                               /debian/                     /pub/Linux/distributions/debian/       /pub/Linux/distributions/debian/                /pub/debian/                           /pub/debian/                  /pub/os/debian/                        /pub/os/debian/                         /mirrors/debian/                                                                            /pub/mirrors/linux/debian/             /pub/mirrors/linux/debian/                   /linux/debian/                                                                                  /debian/                               /debian/                                                          /debian/                       /debian/                                                                                   /debian/                               /debian/                   /pub/linux/distributions/debian/       /pub/linux/distributions/debian/                        /pub/debian/                           /debian/                /linux/debian/                                                                              /debian/                               /debian/                   /debian/                               /debian/                        /debian/                               /debian/                     /debian/                               /debian/                        /pub/mirrors/                                                                  /debian/                               /debian/                     /debian/                               /debian/                        /pub/debian/                           /pub/debian/                     /pub/                                  /                    /debian/                               /debian/                    /debian/                               /debian/                     /                                      /                /debian/                               /debian/                          /pub/debian/                           /pub/debian/                      /pub/linux/debian/                     /                   /debian/                               /                        /debian/                               /debian/                 /debian/                               /debian/                                                                  /debian/                    /mirrors/debian/                       /mirrors/debian/                     /pub/debian/                           /debian/                                                                 /debian/                       /debian/                               /debian/                /pub/Linux/distributions/debian/                                                       /debian/                               /debian/                    /debian/                               /debian/                      /debian/                                                                                                                      /debian/                    /pub/mirrors/debian/                   /                   /debian/                               /debian/                       /debian/                               /debian/                        /pub/linux/distributions/debian/       /pub/linux/distributions/debian/                /                                      /                            /debian/                               /debian/

ZA South Africa
---------------                           /debian/                               /debian/                        /pub/distributions/debian/                                                                       /debian/                               /ftp/debian/

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