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aspell - A spelling checker.

Website: http://aspell.net/
License: LGPL
Vendor: Red Hat, Inc.
GNU Aspell is a spell checker designed to eventually replace Ispell. It can
either be used as a library or as an independent spell checker. Its main
feature is that it does a much better job of coming up with possible
suggestions than just about any other spell checker out there for the
English language, including Ispell and Microsoft Word. It also has many
other technical enhancements over Ispell such as using shared memory for
dictionaries and intelligently handling personal dictionaries when more
than one Aspell process is open at once.


aspell-0.60.3-13.src [1.6 MiB] Changelog by Peter Schiffer (2013-04-06):
- resolves: #862000
  fixed bug when "aspell dump master" command was truncating words
aspell-0.60.3-12.src [1.6 MiB] Changelog by Peter Schiffer (2011-10-07):
- resolves: #432347
  Fixed segfault on empty file.
- Returned -march and -mtune compiler flags.

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