"SLC5X: applications/text: less

less - A text file browser similar to more, but better.

Website: http://www.greenwoodsoftware.com/less/
License: GPL
Vendor: Red Hat, Inc.
The less utility is a text file browser that resembles more, but has
more capabilities.  Less allows you to move backwards in the file as
well as forwards.  Since less doesn't have to read the entire input file
before it starts, less starts up more quickly than text editors (for
example, vi).

You should install less because it is a basic utility for viewing text
files, and you'll use it frequently.


less-436-9.el5.src [318 KiB] Changelog by Vojtech Vitek (V-Teq) (2011-11-11):
- Fix debuginfo source files permissions
- Fix gcc warning: type-punning to incomplete type might break strict-aliasing rules
less-436-7.el5.src [316 KiB] Changelog by Nikola Pajkovsky (2010-10-27):
- revert all changes except #578289. See #579251
less-436-2.el5.src [314 KiB] Changelog by Nikola Pajkovsky (2010-01-05):
- Resolves: #510724 - The new "--old-bot" option is not documented in the man page for "less"
less-394-6.el5.src [302 KiB] Changelog by Zdenek Prikryl (2009-02-26):
- backported --old-bot 
- Resolves: #441691

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