"SLC5X: system environment/libraries: libehca

libehca - IBM InfiniBand HCA Userspace Driver

Website: http://www.openfabrics.org/
License: GPL/BSD
Vendor: Red Hat, Inc.
IBM hardware driver for use with libibverbs user space verbs access


libehca-1.2.1-6.el5.src [702 KiB] Changelog by Doug Ledford (2010-02-18):
- Add pseudo provides of libibverbs-driver
- Related: bz559789
libehca-1.2.1-3.el5.src [684 KiB] Changelog by Doug Ledford (2009-06-23):
- Bump buildrequires to a version of libibverbs that has a known good ppc
  memory sync
- Related: bz506258
libehca-1.2-2.el5.src [686 KiB] Changelog by Doug Ledford (2008-09-17):
- The libibverbs-1.1.2 package includes a ppc specific barrier fix in its
  arch header file, therefore bump and rebuild even though no changes are
  present in this library itself.
- Resolves: bz451455

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