"SLC5X: system environment/libraries: libibcm

libibcm - Userspace InfiniBand Connection Manager

Website: http://www.openfabrics.org/
License: GPLv2 or BSD
Vendor: Red Hat, Inc.
libibcm provides a userspace library that handles the majority of the low
level work required to open an RDMA connection between two machines.


libibcm-1.0.5-2.el5.src [315 KiB] Changelog by Doug Ledford (2012-08-09):
- Bump and rebuild against latest libibverbs
- Related: bz771441
libibcm-1.0.5-1.el5.src [315 KiB] Changelog by Doug Ledford (2009-12-21):
- Bump to latest version and rebuild against new libibverbs
- Related: bz518218
libibcm-1.0.4-3.el5.src [681 KiB] Changelog by Doug Ledford (2009-06-23):
- Rebuild against libibverbs that isn't missing the proper ppc wmb() macro
- Related: bz506258
libibcm-1.0.3-1.el5.src [315 KiB] Changelog by Doug Ledford (2008-09-17):
- Update to latest upstream version
- Resolves: bz451459

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