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paps - Plain Text to PostScript converter

Website: http://paps.sourceforge.net/
License: LGPL
Vendor: Red Hat, Inc.
paps is a PostScript converter from plain text file using Pango.


paps-0.6.6-20.el5.src [444 KiB] Changelog by Akira TAGOH (2011-02-24):
- Fix too-bold-output. (#504725)
- Fix dealing with CPI parameter to be accurate. (#537450)
paps-0.6.6-19.el5.src [442 KiB] Changelog by Akira TAGOH (2009-12-09):
- Update paps-0.6.6-wordwrap.patch to correct the behaviour when wrap=false
  is given. (#520590)

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