"SLC5X: applications/system: screen

screen - A screen manager that supports multiple logins on one terminal

Website: http://www.gnu.org/software/screen
License: GPL2
Vendor: Red Hat, Inc.
The screen utility allows you to have multiple logins on just one
terminal. Screen is useful for users who telnet into a machine or are
connected via a dumb terminal, but want to use more than just one

Install the screen package if you need a screen manager that can
support multiple logins on one terminal.


screen-4.0.3-4.el5.src [849 KiB] Changelog by Miroslav Lichvar (2011-02-01):
- enable hardcopy binding in default config (#521824)
- apply some xterm tweaks also to xterm-* and reduce duplicates
  in default config (#474064)
screen-4.0.3-3.el5.src [848 KiB] Changelog by Miroslav Lichvar (2010-10-23):
- fix potential problems for Common Criteria certification (#644070)
screen-4.0.3-1.el5_4.1.src [845 KiB] Changelog by Miroslav Lichvar (2009-11-27):
- enable utempter support (#541875)

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