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cern-kerberos-migration - This RPM will configure a Linux based computer to be compatible with both the Heimdal and Active Directory realms.

License: distributable
Vendor: Scientific Linux CERN,
This rpm will enable the machine to accept Kerberos authentication requests from both the CERN Active Directory and Heimdal realms, and to authenticate against both realms. The default /etc/krb5.conf remains the same, ensuring that the machine and any user will be in the Heimdal realm by default. Changing the KRB5_CONFIG variable to /etc/ in a shell will switch it to authenticate against the AD realm.

This is a temporary setup, which will remain in place for the duration of the migration, allowing machines and users of machines to be recognised in both realms.


cern-kerberos-migration-0.1-3.ia64 [10 KiB] Changelog by John Hefferman (2010-01-31):
Jan Iven - Changed the pam module to dynamically link the kerberos libs
Jan Iven - Changed the post section to remove any previous references to the pam module in system-auth

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