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Converters between LaTeX and PC Textprocessors

Author: Wilfried Hennings (texconvfaq "at" gmx.de).
last update of this page or any of its subpages: Feb. 23, 2010
The url of this page is http://tug.org/utilities/texconv/index.html

I am experiencing that I have practically no time to keep these pages up to date so I'd like to retreat from this.
I would be glad if someone else would take over this task. I would then transfer the copyright to her/him.

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The main list is divided into two parts:

Converters from LaTeX to PC textprocessors

Converters from PC textprocessors to LaTeX

Please also read the copyright and the disclaimer

You can also download the whole set of www pages in a zip file. It is also available from CTAN (directory .../help/wp-conv/).

Related external www pages

Mac Converters for TeX/LaTeX (external link)

TeX-FAQ (auf Deutsch), Dokument-Konverter von bzw. in das (La)TeX-Markup-Format (externer Link)


CTAN is "The Comprehensive TeX Archive Network". The primary CTAN hosts – which also allow uploading – are the German, the British and the USA sites. There are many more full or partial CTAN mirrors. A list of CTAN (primary and mirror) hosts is available at ftp://ftp.dante.de/tex-archive/README.mirrors (external link).

The following are links to the primary CTAN hosts:

Der deutsche CTAN Server (The German CTAN server - external link)

The British CTAN server (external link)

The USA CTAN Server (external link)

and the directories on them where you find the converters:

Deutscher CTAN Server, freie Konverter (external link)

British CTAN server, free converters (external link)

USA CTAN Server, free converters (external link)

It is also possible to order CD-ROM(s) from CTAN with the CTAN contents –
description in German: http://www.dante.de/software/cdrom/ (external link),
description in English: http://www.tug.org/texlive.html (external link).

This HTML page is part of the texconv pages.

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