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Class orion.highlight.SyntaxHighlighter

Defined in: </shared/eclipse/e4/orion/I201404012230/bundles/org.eclipse.orion.client.ui/web/orion/highlight.js>.

Class Summary
Constructor Attributes Constructor Name and Description
orion.highlight.SyntaxHighlighter(serviceRegistry, contentTypeService)
Method Summary
Method Attributes Method Name and Description
setup(contentType, textView, annotationModel, fileName, allowAsync)
Class Detail
orion.highlight.SyntaxHighlighter(serviceRegistry, contentTypeService)
{orion.serviceregistry.ServiceRegistry} serviceRegistry
Registry to look up highlight providers from.
{orion.core.ContentType} contentTypeService Optional, Default: null
A stand alone content type service that is not registered in theservice registry.
Method Detail

{orion.Deferred} setup(contentType, textView, annotationModel, fileName, allowAsync)
{orion.core.ContentType} contentType
{orion.editor.TextView} textView
{orion.editor.AnnotationModel} annotationModel
{String} fileName Optional
Deprecated. For backwards compatibility only, service-contributed highlighters will be checked against the file extension instead of contentType.
{Boolean} allowAsync Optional, Default: true
If true, plugin-contributed asynchronous highlighters (i.e. type == "highlighter" will be consulted. If false, only rule-based highlighters will be consulted.
{orion.Deferred} A promise that is resolved when this highlighter has been set up.

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