Postfix Add-on Software

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This page lists tools, add-ons and howtos by subject. Just to be clear on what I am talking about, here is a brief definition of the terminology that is used below:



Webmail & Groupware

PGP/SMIME Gateways

Policy servers/libraries

Note: Postfix already ships with SPF support, in the form of a plug-in policy daemon. This is the preferred integration model, at least until SPF is mandated by standards.

Open relay/proxy detection

Before SMTP authentication

Certified email

Run/Configuration/Queue/User management

Content management

Virus/SPAM content filters


Fax<->Email software

List managers

Logfile analysis

Lookup tables

POP/IMAP servers

For howto documents, see Howtos and FAQs.

Autoreply software

Quota software

Miniature client software

Other software